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May 4, 2019

FISHTALESSTUDIO How difficult is hand-drawn animation compared to digital? #illustrator #hand-drawn-animation #wedding-animation-malaysia #weddinganimationsingapore #wedding

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I am both a traditional and digital artist, I’m Big supportor of Digital Drawing.let me share my experienced with a good Wacom pen is important for Digital Drawing.

Hand-drawn animation


1) consume long hrs for production time

2) There isn’t a lot of room for mistakes / undo when working traditionally

3) Frame rates for animation. 60 frames per second, 30 frames per second and 15 frames per second. - illustrator gonna die…..

4)no advise for 1 man show animation, unless u got 2 to 3 senior illustrator to do 1 animation( senior illustrator with min 3 years experienced)


pose lively and smooth

Digital draw for animation


1)It's faster than traditional hand drawn

2) Once you make a mistake you can just do Ctrl + Z or click the undo button and you can try again.

3) use software :illustrator + photoshop draw the character then animate in animation software like after effect, adobe animate ect


It can be duplicated with precision.

hope it help.

sample link wedding animation video source use digital drawn

attach 2 portfolio done by me

Wedding animation video :

character drew with photoshop[1]


[1] Character Design 1

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